Someone once said – what’s in the name, and then wrote his own name beneath. Hilarious, isn’t it? Indeed, we all love our names. It’s the word that resonates your very identity, adds meaning to your persona, empowers you in a way like nothing else. And that’s exactly the reason when you read it, you rise to the epitome of euphoria. It inspires your soul and gives meaning to your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could adorn it on your finger?

Yes! Orosilber’s choicest range of personalized Name Rings bring you that opportunity of flaunting your identity, wherever you go. So embellish your identity in your very own hands and let your style add that euphoric feel to your life. The exquisite range of personalized name rings is especially designed to help you create that awe and add a dash of distinctness to your persona.


Whether it’s your name or your loved ones’ that you want on the ring or it is simply the word – Love decorated on the ring, all you need to do is choose your name or word that you want, the font you like and it will be done. Crafted in high quality metal and available in varied styles, you can have these personalized name rings made in rose, gold, silver, sterling silver or stainless steel finish, whatever is your style. So go ahead, pick your choice and relish the beauty of flaunting your style all the way, wherever you go.

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