Our name resonates the very essence of our spirit, our soul, our identity. And when you embellish it on your body, it not just enhances your persona but also empowers you. Let the essence of your identity empower you. And Orosilber’s personalized name necklace is just the apt arsenal to do that.

Now you can celebrate the empowering spirit of your identity, your name with this finest collection. Crafted from the high quality finest metal  – gold, silver, brass or steel, these personalized name necklaces are available in varied finish of choice. Check out the classy designs which are conceived innovatively. The collection offers choices of choosing your font /design / style and name, so you can have it completely personalized to go with your style – wouldn’t that be something?


So have you name styled and flatter your soul or gift it to that special one on the moment of joy. Whatever you do, you are sure to create the most cherishing moments of delight with this amazing collection of personalized name necklace for sure.

So go on. Flaunt your distinctiveness with the marvelous piece of personalized necklace. Dive in, Explore & Pick your style!

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