The one piece of jewellery that stands as an insignia of love – the one that shines through its elegance, adorned on your beautiful fingers – The Ring! Yes! Since the times of yore, rings have found a special place, both in jewellery and the hearts of women. Even before the metal was found, women and men were fascinated with beautiful rings carved out of flowers, twigs and even wood. This fascination grew with the trends after the metal was discovered and the metal jewellery came into limelight.

Today, rings have accomplished a new place amongst all. the jewellery. Novel designs and fine artistry have become their defining traits. And trendsetters like Orosilber are scaling up the game with their innovative ideas in this segment. Personalized Rings by Orosilber are the perfect example of this.

Orosilber launched its signature personalized jewellery line in 2001. Personalized rings are one of the most liked ones amongst the range.  Right from your loved ones’ birthdays to celebrating your lifetime event, the range offers highly personalized rings to rejoice your every special occasion. Made from the metal alloy of high quality, these rings are available in metal plating of choice including gold, silver, steel and rose. The wide collage includes –

personalized name ring

Name Rings

Can there be anything more closer to your heart than your name? Of course not! Wearing your name is like wearing your soul, your identity. The personalized name rings array from Orosilber brings you a perfect opportunity to do so. Crafted beautifully from your very own name, carved in high quality metal, these name rings are perfect to flaunt your persona at the parties and a day out with friends.


Monogram Rings

A perfect fusion of fascinating trends, personalization and Victorian style, Monogram rings from Orosilber are simply awe-inspiring. Whether you prefer your name initials encircled into traditional monogram form or more artistic twig style, you will find it all in Orosilber’s personalized monogram rings designs.


Promise Rings

A promise is forever, echoes in eternity. It’s time your heart makes that promise to the special someone. A promise ring is just perfect to seal it love. Orosilber’s classic range of personalized promise rings redefines your special moment and captures the essence of your love and promise forever. Personalized with the choice of two names, these are available is high fashion beautiful designs, embedded with colorful studs.

engagement ring

Engagement Rings

A promise becomes a commitment on this special day. Indeed, Engagement day calls for a special memento to celebrate your love and trust. Orosilber brings your distinctive range of solitaire engagement rings carved from 14K gold. The designs are also available in white gold with minute studs adorning the solitaire.

Wedding Bands

Wedding day is the most special and once in a lifetime event in everyone’s life. It’s finally the time to fulfill the commitment and you decide to walk the path together with your special one. Wedding Bands from Orosilber are perfect to mark the beginning of your beautiful journey. Personalized with your names, wedding bands are available in varied metal choices and beautiful designs.

Orosilber’s personalized rings range is indeed exclusive, you can celebrate your every event with these insignia of love!

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