Earrings are to the accessories what soul is to the body. They just so beautifully frame a woman’s face, bringing her every look to life. No wonder they say –

Whenever you are getting ready, always wear the earrings at the very least’.

Whether it is a simple morning brunch do, a corporate meet or just a casual evening dinner date you are looking to dress for, well-paired earrings with a dash of class and ingenuity is set to even make you centre of every party while letting you to get ready in no-time. A personalised accessory is a versatile piece of jewelery that amicably fuses with individual style to exude your personality.

The growing fondness of personalised jewellery has given birth of a brand new segment within the mainstream jewellery, creating a new wave of innovation in the domain. Founded in 2001, Orosilber has passionately followed its commitment ever since, to bring trendy fashion-jewelery to the masses. Staying true to its commitment, Orosilber followed this up by the launch of high-end personalised name jewellery in January 2017.

Today, Orosilber is a leading name in innovation of personalised jewellery. Their immense experience extends Orosilber a reputation of being the best in the industry and a trend-setter in the domain of new-age personalised accessories. Their simple concept of engraving your name on the earrings has created a revolutionary piece of statement accessory that is just hard-to-resist. Orosilber’s range of stylish earrings represents a perfect modern take on traditional accessories that can make you stand-out in the crowd.  The chic designs are crafted with deftness in quality materials to create an exclusive and luxurious look, just for you.

With Orosilber’s personalised earrings you are not just wearing a fashion accessory but are expressing your own personality through fashion. So channel your inner diva and get ready to sizzle your party look with these unique personalised earrings, perfect to stop everyone in their tracks. Made from quality and durable metal alloys, Orosilber’s offers a vast range of customisation across its personalized jewellery selection. You can choose from 9K, 14K or 18K gold, sterling silver, 925 Silver, Rose Finish and Stainless steel with an option to select dimensions for an accessory according to your preference.  Each piece is crafted to perfection resonating quality and innovation imbibed in perfect style.

The designs for personalised earrings includes assortment of styles from classy elegance, intricate to modish chic, which comes perfectly handy whether you are looking to spice-up your everyday look or glam up for a fashion-do.

Orosilber’s personalised earrings include-

Name Earrings

One of the most avidly quoted saying is ‘What is in the name?’ On the contrary, name is the most important thing we have. It is our foremost identity right from when we are born till we die. And as we grow, people associate our names with our values and personality.

Orosilber’s revolutionary personalised name earrings present a unique opportunity to assert our personalities with our distinct bravura. No more fussing over not having anything to wear for that special event. Be it girl’s night out, date night or even an office party, with Orosilber’s inimitable custom-made earrings, you can grace any look in a jiffy. The chic accessory is set to head turning your way in no time. The choicest designs include assorted styles from names adorned in Retro Hoops or name letters assembled vertically in modish Dazzling Danglers to Sweet Studs representing your initials.  There is also an option to select between capital and cursive letters. All you need to do is select the metal with colour finish, size and your name and voila, your ultimate personalised fashion accessory is ready. Just wear it and you are ready to vow everyone with your exceptional style.

personalized monogram earrings

Monogram Earrings

Vintage fashion exudes not just old charm but also personifies true elegance. Whether new or old, it is associated with something very personal. Orosilber’s intricate monogram earrings are sure to ring a bell with all the young fashionistas with true vintage soul inside. The monogrammed earrings present the trendiest fashion accessory with an antique look that will surely send you reminiscing down the dreamy memory lane. The personalised monogrammed earrings can be fashioned in danglers with or without chain as well as studs as per your personal taste. This bold accessory defines both style and character to be a true extension of your matchless personality. Whether you choose to have a cut out of your name letters engraved in intricately monogrammed danglers or sweet studs fashioned with an elaborate detailing, these personalised earrings are something you will cherish forever. The designs are loving crafted and available in a variety of metal options like 9K, 14K, 18K gold, 925 silver, Gold or silver plating as well as rose finish.  So whether you are looking to gift someone special or want to buy an exclusive timeless piece of jewelery for yourself, these monogrammed earrings are a go-to accessory for every occasion.

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