A Person’s name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.’

 True Indeed! Our name is our foremost identity. It’s something that the world knows us by. It represents our true self, our beliefs, our nature, our emotions and values. But more than anything else, it is unique to us. It is so special that we want to announce it to the whole wide world.  With Orosilber’s avant-garde personalised name necklace you wouldn’t really have to scream to announce your arrival.

Orosilber is a hallmark name synonymous with exquisitely crafted personalised name jewellery and accessories with an unmatched quality. Their commitment to continuous innovation in the personalised jewellery segment stems from the zeal to constantly deliver the ever-new style to the customer to not just enhance their look, but effortlessly integrate it with their personal style. This zeal reflects in the huge array of personalised name necklaces as well as a variety of customisation options offered by Orosilber to cater to individual taste. The personalisation allows you to assert your personality with fashionably chic elegance. With versatile designs ranging from classic, intricate to modish, the personalised name necklaces are both delicate for everyday wear as well as luxurious to feel exclusive.

The wide array of Orosilber’s personalised name necklaces include-

Name Necklaces

Orosilber’s personalised name necklace is a perfect go-to accessory to glam up any look with an effortless style. The chic adornment can uplift your personal fashion by rendering a touch of premium sophistication to help channel your inner diva. From Regal style to svelte script, a daringly bold Modish Viking font to Dazzling Cursive, with so many font scripts to choose from you can be sure to find one that matches your personality and taste perfectly. You can choose to get your name inscribed with a customised name width in a shiny 0.925 silver or have it plated in gold or rose finish to get the one-of-a-kind personalised jewellery to cherish forever.



Monogram Name Necklaces

Remember that old necklace grandma use to wear with intricate design? There is nothing in the world that spells more elegance than a touch of vintage. Orosilber’s Monogram Necklaces reinvents the personalised jewellery concept to bring you the flavour of antique charm and romance with a modern bite. Personalise your jewellery with your name letter or name cut-out in an elaborate eye-catching detailing with this classic monogram necklace. The name letters are encircled in modern theme with a dash of Victorian flavor making them versatile and hard-to-resist. What’s more? You can also choose to customize them with either one or more letters in a variety of materials like 9K, 14K or 18K Gold, 0.925 Silver and Gold or Silver Plating options. The monogram necklaces are a perfect keep-sake as well as an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, Sweet 16, Engagement and other special occasions.


Couples Name Necklace

Did you feel that instant feeling of ‘Being at Home’ when you met your special someone for the first time? You have, haven’t you? This unexplained instant connection of familiarity, affection and fondness we feel with someone completely strange makes us not only part with our heart but also let them in our soul. Orosilber’s Couple’s Necklace lets you eternalise this private soulful connection between the two in an exquisite piece of personalised jewellery. Get your names engraved or cut-out in a traditional design where names are connected with a heart or have them embedded in an intelligent infinity design symbolising the unifying love between you and your sweetheart. A variety of customisation options for chain length, pendant size and material etc are available to choose from as per personal preference. The modish look of the Couples necklace gives it a high-fashion accessory tone, perfect to stylishly shout-out your love to the world.


Bling Name Necklace

Wondering whether to glam it up or down for the party in the evening? Even the most ardent style gurus have been heard advising – ‘When in doubt, Go BLING!’ Time to glam it up baby! Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go. Catch on the bling fever with Orosilber’s dazzling personalised bling necklace. Crafted with lovable and modish style, the bling necklaces carry an effervescent look which is sure to make every head turn your way. The name is carved in stylish font, embellished with hearts and wings for that extra love and studded with sparkling stones to create a personal style statement necklace that exudes your charismatic aura. Just choose the pendant size and font to your liking and voila you are ready to go.  So go on and sparkle, as you were born to shine.


 Language Name Necklace

Someone very wisely said – ‘Any expression in a language that other understands goes to his head, but an expression in his own language goes to his heart’. Indeed very true! And what better way to not just surprise someone but also touch their heart than gifting a personalised language name necklace. Orosilber’s personalised language necklace celebrates the idea of reaffirming one’s identity and roots. Create your own name necklace with a variety of language options including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and more. Choose from various chain length, name width and material to flaunt your name in your own language.

personalised-enamel-name necklaces

Enamel Name Necklace

You know what’s special about colours? Well, Colours speak more than words. They speak all languages. They truly are a gift from nature, touching even the deepest core inside us, making us feel varied emotions.  Even when you are down, all you need is just a little splash of colour to bring you back to life. Add this joyful dash of vibrant colours to your personal style with Orosilber’s vivid Enamel Name Necklace. Choose from the range of smart and youthful designs bearing the name and monogram options highlighted with vivacious colours. Whether you choose from classic name necklace in rose, Motif style in blue or monogrammed coin in bright red, the Enamel necklace is perfect gift to bring a smile on your loved one’s face. Why wait? Go on and colour your individual style for a fresh look.


3D Name Necklace

Everything seems better in 3D, rendering it a life-like image. Doesn’t it? Why not extend this life-like quality to your everyday accessories to make a personal style statement? You can now do it effortlessly with Orosilber’s exclusive 3D Name Necklace. Choose from a wide range of sparkling, elegant and modish designs to match your taste. Inscribe you name with contrast plating in 3D Monogram, choose a name cut-out embellished with elaborate craft or simply get your name embossed on a bar plate in stylish fonts, the personalised 3D Name necklace can complement your personal style with zealous undertone of high-street fashion.


Family Jewelry

A happy family is nothing but an earlier heaven. It is not just an important thing, it everything to us. It represents who we are, where we came from as well as our values in life. The ties with our family members – be it mother, father, sister or brother, are the strongest bond of our lives. Why not honour this bond and immortalize it with a unique accessory that can even complement your everyday look? Orosilber’s Personalised Name Monogram Family Jewelry brings a wide selection of exquisitely crafted conceptual designs that eternalise the family bond into a one-of-a-kind necklace. The distinct personalized fashion jewelry with you and your loved one’s name engraved on it, is also a perfect gift to express your endearing and unconditional love for them. Go on, express your love, with an unmatched personal style.


Handwritten Necklace

A person’s handwriting is a window to his soul. It is an extension of him that expresses his inner emotions with immaculate deftness. Hence it is the closest thing resembling him. Remember when the lovers wrote letters to each other in their own handwriting in olden days? A personal handwritten note was a reminder of the loved one when they were not around and epitomised their forever promise. Orosilber’s personalised handwritten necklace is carved with gorgeous detailing to match your individual handwriting. Gift your lover a personalised handwritten necklace or get one in her handwriting to remain close to each other’s heart even when you are apart.


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